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Psychoanalysis For Engagement

Was conducting a webinar on 'Foundations of Basic Psychology for Employee Engagement'. Pre-session Poll indicated: # Freud as the popular theme thinker & # his theory on Psychoanalysis as the most critical for Engaging People at Work. Unfortunately, discussions revealed that quite a few HRMs use these terms freely but are actually confused.Thus this refresher. Freud's human mind has 3 levels : # Conscious # Preconscious # Unconscious The ideas you are currently aware of & the emotions you are currently experiencing now, rest in the Conscious Mind. Your earlier lessons learnt say as a child, student or a junior officer are stored in the Preconscious Mind The Unconscious Mind is where evaluation happens for behavioural decisions. It has the 'Id' - a persons need for impulsive pleasure (want to call toxic boss straight to his face 'Bloody- A Hole'). The 'Super Ego' is the moral conscience, the controlling strict parent (telling Id - no you can't do that).The 'Ego' is the negotiator, the voice of reason that balances impulses of 'Id' with Strict norms of 'Super Ego'. A wise leader invests time & Engages with his team members to understand their Preconscious Experiences, empathise with their Conscious Sentiments & inspire their Ego to evoke positive Unconscious behaviours

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