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Resetting Frames Of Success

Each one of us has an unconscious imaginary camera within us and we take the pictures of the world we see from the lens of that unique camera. That is how we human beings size up events happening in the world, take decisions and predict what we believe will happen in the future depending on the frame we set to operate from in our internal cameras. Look at the doodle. The family is looking out from the same window. But do you believe that if each one of them had a camera and was asked to take a picture of whatever they saw and liked from where they are, they would all take the same picture ? Improbable even if they were seeing the world from the same window. It is therefore wise leadership with high EQ that recognises the different frames that people in their teams operate from as also the need for leadership to operate situationally from the right frame. Daniel Kahneman calls this the 'framing effect'. Depending on the mental models we subscribe to, people unconsciously select their frames of preference. There is no one all time best frame. Leadership wisdom is about re-setting the frame depending on the game in play. Thus wise leadership periodically reviews and resets its frame to win.

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