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Resisting Resistance

Resisting Resistance..a bane to success

Each one of us drives our life & work journeys to achieve our spoken & unspoken purposes.

As often that we experience support, encouragement & motivation from some that facilitate our journey, so often do we also experience resistance, conflicts and impediments from some others that cripples our efforts & blocks our journey.

Don't let energy drain by personally confronting & resisting the Resistors. Instead, understand the cause of their resistance & chanellise the collective flow of energy to collaboratively challenge the problem to the purpose.

Resistance blocks us. We feel like giving up or confronting and personally fighting those who resist us. Negatively resisting resistance is a bane to success.

Winners are those who understand the strength of collective harmony and are able to create positive value from conflicts, disagreements and criticism thru collaborations of full energy against the source of the problem .

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