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Revitalizing the Crestfallen Hero

So deep is the relationship of the real leader with his key performers that he can immediately tell when they are actually engaged or disengaged, motivated or demotivated and connected or disconnected from the task that they have undertaken to perform.

The roots of this relationship are so deep that the leader knows the best way in which he can 'make & shake' his key performer to excel over and over again, to get into an engaged, motivated & connected state of mind and perform.

Evaluate Lord Krishna's style in Mahabharata. He knew the sheer respect Arjuna had for Bhisma. He also knew that left to himself, Arjuna would not fight Bhisma with his heart and mind thus maybe that would culminate in even losing the war.

Krishna therefore jumps out from his Chariot with his Discus as if to attack Bhisma. Arjuna realizing the grave consequence of this act (remember, Krishna had Promised not to fight but only be a Charioteer), immediately stops Krishna and promises to fight Bhisma and Kauravas with his whole heart & mind and full motivation. With this now promised, Krishna once again takes charge of the reign of his Chariot.

Arjuna thence attacks the Kauravas in full spirit and with all his might. Day 3 of the war ends in favour of the Pandavas, and in much envy of the Kaurava Army.

This is how close and in oneness a Leader and his followers need to be. The leader has to be deeply vested in the relationship and his tactics have to be so sharp and bespoke as to be able to revitalize the Hero, even in his lowest moments.

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