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'Root Metaphors' Display Corporate Culture

Certain favourite words & phraseology frequently get used whilst Communicating in a Company. These indicate the root metaphors & mind models of the founders & other Culture influencers, which over a period of time, unknowingly gets reflected in Corporate behaviours.

Some Root Metaphors are :

- Time is Money

- Show the baby not the labpainour

- Win the Argument

- Consensleadershipus is not

- Dictate the Order

- Be the Smart jockey not the horse

Identifying 'Root Metaphors' is a methodology used by Corporate Culture Excavators to determine antiquity & relics of the Corporate Culture. Human 'Patterning Instinct' is largely at play in understanding Corporate Metaphors

A root metaphor is deeply embedded in the root bank of the Group. Other behavioural metaphors spring therefrom.

Thus 'Winning the argument' as a metaphor reflects 'argument' being seen as a war. Thus belief in hidden involvement of Power, Victory, Dominance etc. Tolerance of arguments or insistance on blind maniacal compliance with superior's orders in the culture gets sanctified.

Nearly a fifty organisational constituents comprise a robust culture root bank. The unique metaphors influencing each of tgem, collectively determines the Corporate Culture.

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