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Silent corrosion

Be in touch with the hidden impact of unmanageable pressures & frustrations on your mental health. Unrealised by you, you may be transferring your anxiety and frustrations on to others. If you are the unfortunate employee aggressor - you need help. If you are the victim of an aggressor at work ( or at home), you need help more .  But if you are an untrained Leader low on empathy and have been consciously and unconsciously the cause of such anger displacement to your Managers, further transferred to other work associates or their families in a chain reaction, YOU need help the MOST.  Dear Leader, if not handled in time,  not only your mental health and emotional balance needs therapy, your career will as a consequence be soon at risk which may trigger a futher cascade of depressions and mental health concerns.  Organisations therefore need to constantly assess, focus on and make serious investments in Coaching & mental health programs for Executives in their Co to ensure that hidden and unseen emotional leakages do not slowly corrode your Corporate Success.    

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