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Socializing The Rebel

He was a difficult man. He thought differently and acted differently from the rest of us. He questioned everything. Was he a rebel or a prophet or a psychopath or a hero ? "Who can tell the difference ?" we said. "And who cares, anyway?" So we socialized him. We taught him to be sensitive to public opinion and to the feelings of others. We got him to conform..he was now a comfortable person to live with. Well adjusted. We had made him manageable and docile. We congratulated him on having achieved self-conquest. He began to congratulate himself too. He did not see that it was we who had conquered him. A society that domesticates it's rebels has gained its peace. But it has lost its future...(A de'Mello) And that is what exactly we do in corporates as well. Strong cultures are rigid. The alien and innovative thought and style is pushed, rejected & crushed. Little do they realise that the rigid culture may win the battle and yet lose its war of transformation.  Wonder who laughs in the end.

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