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Success - ‘Filmy Chakkar’

Hope, Confidence And Capability are the Triplets of success.

When times are tough and the night appears dark, when the route forward scares you and your mind plays creepy games with you ... scaring you with images in the silhouette that appears ghostly to you, it is clear that your 'confidence' is corroding and 'hope' has deserted you and you do not trust your 'Capabilities' to deliver you to your destination.

'Hope', 'Confidence' and 'Capability' are the Triplets of success. 

Hope is the positive guiding force that makes you see opportunities coming your way. Once you have hope, it will help you chalk the path that will lead to positive outcomes.

Confidence is the poise, tenacity and courage that strengthens your determination that makes you walk on the path that hope has laid out.

Capability is the ability, attitude, drive & energy required to complete the walk that Confidence has laid out and Hope has foreseen.

Your success will be greatly impaired if even one of the Triplets is lost in the proverbial 'Mela' ( a fair where not so attentive parents generally lose their children !!!).

Imagine :

Hope & Confidence without will make you participate in the race but when you run it, you will lose as you will meet faster runners.

Confidence and Capability without Hope ... chances are you may run the race mechanically but you may not put in sufficient practise before that to ensure.

Hope & Capability without Confidence..that is like wasted talent that has given charge of its success to someone else and prays each night that he/ she would be discovered. That is like a potential winner not participating in a race.

Sometimes life follows strange & complex narratives written by these script writers and not one but two of the Triplets get lost in the 'Mela' ( proverbial ' Fair' ).

Now imagine...

Hope without Capability & Confidence..that's like praying to win a lottery without buying the lottery ticket.

Capability without Hope and Confidence..sadly wasted talent that never realised that it could be a winner

Confidence without Hope & Capability...will make big pre-event noise about being a potential winner but will invest time to go to the gym and prepare for the big match. 

Thus they say that you should take care of your three sisters and never lose them in the proverbial 'Mela' of life.  And God forbid if you lose them, you have to be on a perpetual search to find them so that the family becomes complete and thus a 'Happy Winner'.

I love those family songs that unite the family in the end of these 'lost & found' movies....they keep reminding the family when they are in the state of 'loss' ... that some parts are missing and they need to find the lost link which alone can complete the song of success.

'Yaadon ki baarat niklee hai aaj ....." 

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