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Suffocate The Suppressors

Unless you suffocate the Suppressors, you will never succeed. They will stop you from setting higher standards

(" too high, no one has gone beyond - you think you are God ?"). They will scare you ("that's unsafe, you will hurt yourself"). They will remind you of the guy who fell and hurt himself. They do not have in their story bag stories of people who broke barriers and became legends! Small minds - Small Thinking !

They will throw narratives at you like - 'cut your cloth to match your size' ! Unfortunate. Suppressors claim to have magical powers somehow to assess your capacity and guage your unseen potential much more than you. They profess to be the sooth-sayers who seem to know what standards you must set for your performance.

They will tell you stories of some stupid hare who was winning the race and suddenly decided to take a nap so that the tortoise from behind would run past and win the race. Who witnessed that stupid race, God knows but it certainly slowed down performance of the great performers of the world by influencing their mind-sets. I love Aesop's tales but I also believe that Aesop did the greatest harm to the progress of the world by telling such 'limiting' stories to young influencable minds in Schools.... purely my thoughts. You may believe they have their underlying secret wisdom ( and I will agree with that too).

Don't let Suppressors compare you with that stupid hare. You are smarter. You will run fast and also not sleep half-way.

'Bust The Suppressors'. Suffocate them. That's Step 1 to success. That is the narrative of the stories of legends you look up to today.

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