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Tenacity and Flexibility

Tenacity & Flexibility The Critical 'Dual' Skills for Uncertain times....

The real test of leadership is taken in uncertain times. Good leaders emerge during peace times.  Great leaders are tested in Wars !

Two great expectations from a leader in uncertain markets are one - he should be able to adopt those unconventional and unfamiliar moves which he was never exposed to in steady markets. Leader therefore needs a 'flexible' stretch in his body and mind which facilitates him to make those unconventional moves and plunges he never was accustomed to.

The second is 'tenacity'. The situational preassures, stress, failing confidence and low morale has the potential to break him down. To succeed, he needs to be tenacious. He should not breakdown within. His committment to purpose under stress should not overwhelm him. Thus Tenacity & Flexibility

Underprepared leaders cannot suddenly develop these critical ppdual capabilities suddenly on the battlefield. Steady times should build his readiness for uncertainty. Rightly they say that the Army that sweats in Peace bleeds less in war!

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1 Comment

Srikanth Kalyanasundaram
Srikanth Kalyanasundaram
Feb 18, 2021

Totally Agree on Tenacity and Flexibility. Great narration for leaders

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