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The Dark Side Of Man ...

Lurking beneath the affable surface is hidden the dark-side of man made up of insecurities, aggression, self-centeredness, disdain and mindless desire to win that is concealed from public view. Shadows from this dark side of man periodically leak out at times as he transacts, surprising the person himself.

Success begins for a person with deep search for his own dark-side. Unless one knows his dark-side, the person will not realise why others react to him the way they do upon seeing his dark-side, which the person himself is blind-sighted to.

I remember the words of Henrik Ibsen... this longing to commit a madness stays with us throughout our lives. Who has not, when standing with someone by an abyss or on the edge of a tower, not momentarily had a sudden impulse to push the other over ?

Our whole being is nothing but a fight against the dark forces within ourselves. To live is to war with trolls in heart and soul. That is the key to human nature.

The Corporate story gets further complicated. The Boss doesn't believe he has a dark side and his team does not believe, unfortunately that there is any other side to him !

Dark Side reality is true for the others too. But not being in the prominent leadership role, the leaks from the dark sides of others, do not become obvious and bothersome as their potency to cause harm is meager until they reach critical positions in the power pyramids.

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Nothing is dark All is light it's just a perception.. If unconditional love prevails all is bright.. Only transcension prevails... Oneness peace

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