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The Engaged King !!!

A King distanced in engagement from his subject or too engrossed with his personal passions rather than his State's problems cannot expect to be remembered by history for his greatness.

Some Kings in history were engaged in building artistic monuments at a great cost to the State's Treasury, some pursued sports of their personal preference, some loved hunting, some became patrons of art, court dances and music, some mastered debauchery... and all these pursued at the cost of performing their expected duties for their subjects which unfortunately languished in poverty & pain.

Whilst history may in retrospect admire the monuments they built or arts they sponsored etc., these Kings & Monarchs were never considered or admired & remembered by their subjects as being great leaders.

Great Kings were those who closely engaged themselves with their subjects more with an intention to create :

1. Happiness

2. Peace

3. Protection

4. Progress

5. Justice & Fair Governance

The above 5 are directly relatable to the role of an effective leader even in a large modern day Corporate. Heads up for most of the Corporate leaders who appear to be performing their roles of Protection ( of their company assets & Stake-holder Interests) and Progress (to create Value) rather well, but greatly missing out on their other 3 roles of creating Happiness, maintaining internal & providing external Peace and Fair Governance.

It is only when all the 5 above roles are performed effectively by the leader through his close engagement with People that the leader will find the inscriptions of his name and performance on the Great Walls Of Corporate Leadership And Institution-Building Leaders.

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