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The Many People Within You

There are many more people residing within you than you ever know of .. or can even imagine. You see only one face of yourself in the mirror. But that is not all. That face is only the puppet acting out the script which at any given moment, the predominant person within you is narrating.

"Show your face" .... "that is not your real face" ... "someone else within you is speaking now .. that is different than what you said earlier". Haven't we all experienced this conflict in our behaviours being brought to our attention ?

Each of this person within us has an independent persona, a unique character, independent views, thoughts, perspectives and its own Mind, all within the same body.

When two people within us look at the same challenge, they may fight each other or may sing a happy duet. Rightly my wife asks me, why are you in two minds on this issue when I appear confused ??? 'To do or not to do ? ' whenever that is the question, know for sure that different people within you are evaluating that problem and that they are all fighting to have their dominant say.

The Conscious brain within each one of us is the 'CCO' - Chief Controlling Officer. The CCO takes the final controlling charge and view. Whilst the conscious mind is aware of most of the other people living inside us, often some insurgents, squatters & illegal immigrants hoodwink the conscious mind (the gate-keeper) and show up their faces as the narrators. This is much to the chagrin & confusion of the Conscious mind.

Whilst you cannot avoid multiple people living in the same body - asserting & fighting with each other and in the process causing confusion, the only way one succeeds thru this painful dilemma is by developing a stable & robust 'Conscious Mind'.

Someday, I will share with you thoughts to make one's Conscious Mind strong. Until then :

1. Be clear of what your conscious mind wants as it's Vision

2. Conflicts of choices that the different people within you try to push on you - should be controlled by your Conscious Mind

3. Allow the different people within you have 'freedom within its defined frame-work'

4.Your conscious 'Values' frame-work should be used for all filtering of decisions

5. Conscious Mind ... give it the Power to say 'NO' authoritatively to the others and their adamant prompting like a controlling parent in moments of conflicts.

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