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The Paradox.

Reality of leadership has two faces. One uses Power. The other Persuasion.

The one with Power does not like Persuasion. Persuasion ignores Power.

Powerman believes in himself. The other-man believes in drawing Power from others.

One survives much longer after Chair-time, in hearts . The Power man ... forgotten the moment after Chair-time.

One remembered . Other remembered too. One really loved. The other believes he is. Both have their 'faithfuls' whilst in Chair.

One leaves behind legacy of Persuasion in the house. Power man believes that house will collapse as he leaves.

Hosannas for one. Hate-mail for the other.

You decide.

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2023

Persuasion... Is the long standing high energy.. A noninvasive technique bearing humility and love to manage longstanding issues... To stick to this only whatsoever

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