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The Two wolves within

The post dinner fire-side at our leadership camp was spent narrating short stories. We were at Leh. Someone narrated a story which is stuck in my mind. Let me share with you.

Little John being angry with his friend for letting him down, goes crying in anguish to his Old Grand father who listens to him patiently.

After that grandfather tells John that he too struggled often with similar feelings inside , when those who had taken so much from him, had let him down in moments of his need.

He said that it was as if there were two wolves living within him. One that was good and did no harm. He lived in harmony with all around & took no offense. He fought only when it was right to do so & very necessary. He overlooked otherwise.

The other wolf....eeeeh. He fought with everyone around. Right or wrong, he fought because his anger & his hate were so great that he could not see beyond. And he was often frustrated as his anger made no difference to the others.

Living with two wolves within said Granpa was very tough. Not an easy call as each tried to dominate his influence over him.

John remained silently for a while. And then looking intently in his grandfather's eyes asked, " which one wins , dad? "

The grandfather smiled and

said .. " the one I feed "

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