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The Universe Conspires

Wonder whatever they meant when they said that you can win only when the Universe Conspires to make you succeed ?

You may bring on the table Competence, Capabilities, Intelligence and Maturity. But unless people in the other adjacent sub-systems are supportive of you, one cannot win.

So wake-up Solo-Man. Not even Superman can win by himself in isolation. To win he needs motivation and support from Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto the Superdog, Steel the Engineer genius, Powergirl, Lar Gand, Superwoman, Kal Kent, Natasha Iron, Chris Kent and a whole load of other Super heroes !!! No one wins alone.

To be able to gain support from all players in the larger eco- system, you should be perceived generally as ...

👉 treating people right

👉 shunning arrogance

👉 working for a greater

purpose beyond


👉 sharing credits with


👉 and collaborating

always with others at

all times.

So sharpen and make the larger universe of your eco- system conspire to support your success.

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