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The Unseen Radar Within

Each one of us has an inbuilt emotional radar that has a unique capability to detect authenticity of relationships. It unfailingly detects and seperates relational authenticity from superficiality.

This radar never malfunctions. Sometimes , we avoid and often reject listening to its unconscious prompts as we tend to consciously substitute it with rationalized logic and other force-fitted information. It's 'Detect-Reject-Eject' mechanism is fool-proof.

The prompts and inner whispers of this radar to you, if one searches deeper, will identify the pretenders and having done so will initially 'reject them' and then systematically 'eject them' from closer bonding of relationships with you. Haven't you experienced situations when you find yourself rejecting someone or not being able to cut-through with someone whilst pondering - why so, when you may not even have interacted sufficiently with that other ?

You may consciously choose to ignore the indicator in your car that tells you that you need to refuel it - whatever be your reason. Maybe you prefer to fuel the car at some other fuel bunk instead of the nearest one. But if you do not refuel it after the danger mark, don't blame anyone other than yourself when the car breaks-down. Indiscriminate Logic cannot substitute for fuel at that point!!! Beyond a point, the car will stop. Your inner prompts are like that.

Where do we go wrong ?? We tend to somehow often forget that every person we teansact with is born with this radar. Your superfiscial behaviours (and sometimes, all of us tend to consciously or subsciously indulge in it) would get detected by their radars. The 'Detection-Rejection- Ejection' model would likewise operate for him and he would reject you .. thus leaving you equally pondering why that someone is rejecting you.

The best way thus is to be authentic and avoid superficiality. Remember, the radar detects it .

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