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The Vow of Silence

The Vow of Silence

The Zen parable in the doodle exemplifies our classical human tendency to criticise others while being blind to our own faults. Don't we experience this day in & day out in our life .... and much more so in our Corporate world?

The first student symbolizes people who do not live up to their committments, who do not honour promises & break all rules they committ to much more for its effect than for its worth, meaning or value

The second student represents people who feel very moralistic & are ever too willing to correct others faults and pounce on them.

The third student represents those who think they are too smart & superior. They self determine for themselves the role to teach others, irrespective of whether the other wants to learn or not.

The fourth student is an iconic representation of people who believe they are a class apart, very individualistic whose purpose is to get themselves determined as the ultimate winner more than fulfill the purpose of their vow !!!

Inspirational leaders therefore use the principle of 'turning inwards' more frequently and effectively then use criticism.

Help the person to self-evaluate his behaviours, drives & motives. Search within and self-correction are far more critical for success than any external evalution

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Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
23 jun 2020

*What an invaluable analysis is person's character& attitude*

Me gusta
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