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Tiezhou - a story of Inspirational Leadership

Tiezhou - a story of Inspirational Leadership 

I hear gory tales of how ruthlessly some respected leaders have managed people during this crisis. The EQ charade they put on earlier, indeed down the drain !

Let me share a Buddhist story. Tiezhou having made deep study 'Sutras' started visiting temples to meet the Masters. Once, he met monk Duyuan. To impress him, he intoned one of his great learning ..."The mind, the Buddha & the people - all three are ultimately empty. The true nature of the entire world is nothing but emptiness" he said.

Tiezhou was waiting for admiration but Duryuan rather hit him on his head with a bamboo stick. Angry Tiezhou said ... " rude monk, what the hell is wrong ?"

Duyuan calmly replied ..." if all is emptiness, as you say, then what is the source of your anger ?"

Inspirational leadership emphasizes on the practical side of philosophy. Duyuan's hit was a sharp reminder. Observing truth is not enough. Real inspirational leadership knows what to do with that knowledge. 

Sages say 'kong tan' - empty talk is like a dog chasing its own tail, using valuable time & energy for little discernible benefit. 

If leader's recall this & only do what they say in interviews they would do to manage people in moments of Adversities, they will get it all right.

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