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Transform Dead Time to Alive Time

Be it Francis Key who wrote a poem that became America's national antem whilst trapped on a ship during a WW2 -'Prisioner Exchange Program' or Viktor Frankl (see doodle) who did his seminal work on Psychology of Concentration Camps whilst imprisoned there or Ian Fleming who handwrote

'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' being bed-rested by the Doctor for a medical condition & advised not to use a type-writer.

Every person faces Dead Time. No one is insulated. Adversity is a fair equaliser. No one is spared - just that timing may be different.

Of course, momentarily it would provide great relief for one to feel frustrated, throw temper, shout, scream, feel depressed or sadistically displace frustration. Our recent Covid experiences gave us a first-hand experience of this.

And that how quite a few

ended up suffering manic or bipolar depressions.

In life we often find ourselves getting stuck to Dead Times.

Way out in the context is to realise that 'Dead Time Syndromes' are hitting us. Examine & use such opportunities for yourself.

Kill the Dead Time. Action everything that you needed or desired to learn...every skill which you believed you should have developed or learnt when younger.

Winners are those who transform Dead Time to Alive Time. Win it.

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