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Under Anachronous Threat

Endlessly, I go about it like a broken record ... "read, read, read" as a precursor to my coaching sessions. Surely, post my sessions, mentees must be shooting darts at my picture with books in the background!!!

Let me but explain...

Each one of us faces an ongoing threat of becoming anachronous, irrespective of the craft we follow. Unfortunately, time and expertise until then, intoxicates us by seducing our ego to believe otherwise. Ego is more potent a stimulant than drugs.

Like sirens on the rocks , ego sings a soothing, validating song which can lead to a wreck. The moment we let our ego induce us into believing that we have 'graduated' from whatever and wherever, our learning involuntarily somehow grinds to a halt.

That is why Frank Shamrock said ..." Always stay a student ". This journey should never end or your knowledge will get as outdated as your age. Want to stay young, read and upgrade.

Real professionals like to be challenged and humbled and get engaged in ongoing education as an endless process.The others reheat knowledge and serve stale knowledge like old refrigerated food, when guests suddenly come home.

The only way out ... ? Well, read, read, read for reading has the unique ability to detox you by making you soon realise that you do not know so much and the journey ahead is so long. It is an ego laveller.

These are my 2020-21 most recommended titles for any good personal library. But that is the problem. The covers are very attractive. They make the library look impressive. But, you have to read. These books are for your self development, but generally these books end up in shelf-development.

1. Unfolding Success

2. No Rules Rules

3. The Future Is Faster Than You Think

4. No Filter

5. Uncharted

6. Leadership Is Language

7. Humanocracy

8. If Then

9. Leadership Strategies & Tactics

10. Competing In The World of AI

11. A World Without Work

12. Upstream

These are the ones I have read ... courtesy 'Lockdown'. There are a few more but after I read , I will share their references with you.

Till then happy reading times.

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