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Upright Virtues : Your Spirituality Quotient

Have you ever invested time to think deeper about these two terms - 'Virtues' and 'Upright' beyond referring to them occassionally during fine social discussions on moralistic themes ???

'Virtues' and 'Upright' are not the same though often it is mixed-up in the minds and vocabulary of people.

Let me distinguish it for you with the scalpel of a surgeon for if I try to separate the two with a butcher's knife, chances are that I may accidentally destroy the demarcation.

Virtues are benchmarks of the 10 moralistic competencies that people (read particularly good leaders) are expected to reflect in their behaviours and action. They include :

- Honesty : integrity

- Courage : fortitude

- Moral vision: futuristic

action beyond self


- Compassion:

benevolence, empathy

& sympathy

- Fairness : Equity &


- Intellectual

Excellence :

Authenticity of

Knowledge & honest

declaration of


- Intellectual Creativity :

Open minded learning

- Aesthetic & Artistic

Sensitivity towards


- Good Timing :

reference to timeliness

and 'relevance'

- Selflessness : Leader

Eats Last from the

same menu.

That brings us to the question : what then is 'Uprightness' ? Uprightness is the authenticity with which the individual exhibits the above 'Virtues' self-lessly, in his thoughts, words and deeds , irrespective of situation, circumstances, unmindful of the benefits or punishments to self from reflection of those behaviours.

Collectively, 'Upright' pursuit of 'Virtues' is what contemporary Corporate literature refers to as 'Spirituality Quotient' of the Individual in context of his role-set in the enterprise.

'Uprightly' pursuing 'Virtues' is compliance to Spirituality in Corporate context. Leadership that reflects it, thrives. Leadership that is abhorrent of it, collapses and self-destroys.

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