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There is an animal called -

'Ushghur'. Porcupine. If you hit it with a stick, it extends its quills and gets bigger. Our soul is also like a Procupine. It becomes strong by stick- beating.

Like wise a hide. When soaked in tanning liquor, it seasons to become fine leather. If the tanner is not rubbed in the acid, the hide would get foul-smelling and get rotten.

Rumi extends this thought - narrated in a parable called 'Checkmate'. In life, some of our friends are clever and smarter than us. They will Checkmate you ... criticise you and that may upset you. Knowing you rather so well, they are better equipped with knowledge and smartness to Check-mate you.

Rather than feeling upset and let-down on being 'check-mated' , wisdom is to see it as a process of maturing that makes you grow, refines your soul, tans your hide , makes you stronger and helps you to be so much better.

Maintain your calm. Listen to it if it makes sense to you , draw your lessons and release the critic to let his toxicity reverse corrode into him.

That is the best way to 'Check-mate' him.

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1 Comment

Sanjay Kush
Sanjay Kush
May 05, 2022

Wonderful lesson Sir.

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