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Virtues Of Stillness

In a world which experiences tumultuous reality every moment, mirroring that in response as a leadership behaviour is the worst that one can indulge in. The truth is that the tumultuous realities need to be managed effectively by Stillness in the leadership character and style. Leadership that succeeds is the one that reflects the virtues of stillness .

The virtues of stillness equip a leader to focus on that one critical thing at a time, appreciating it fully as opposed to precariously negotiating attention and dividing energies and resources between multiple other conflicting areas seeking urgent attention.

VoS teaches one to be tranquil and mindful so as to be able to combat the temptation to reach for our phones, to clap shut our laptops and allow reflection to enter in a space dominated otherwise by chaos, confusion, acute adversity and pandemonium.

Success thru mindful tranquility is the right esoteric response in chaotic times like the ones we live in.

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