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What you 'focus' you hear

What you 'focus' you hear ..

When I worked for Coke, barely could I walk a busy street without attention being drawn to the 'Coca-Cola' signage there. However small or in remotest corner, the inner needle would draw attention to that. What you care for, you give your attention to that. However busy or whichever high-street.

A villager visting his friend in the city, asked to be taken to see the market street.The friend obliged. Busy noisy street..shops..people..traffic..

crowds..baa-bahh !

Suddenly, the villager says..I hear it. Can you hear the cricket?

What? Cricket? In the middle of this busy street?? Are you mad??

No no. It is there and it is somewhere close by. I will find it. He tilted his head in direction of the sound. After a bit of searching, in a bush by the corner, they found the cricket. The friend was surprised. The villager told him - you were hearing it too. But you were not listening. If you cared, you would !

The villager then took out a handful of coins from his pocket. He tossed the coins in the middle of the busy street. They made tiny clinking sound on the footpath.

Instantaneously, a lot of people heard it. Some bent to pick. Some kept searching for more that may have fallen.

We listen to the sounds of commerce. We but miss the music of nature.

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