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Wrecking Workplace Anxieties

Office Environment is ever so full of pushes and pressures. Inbuilt in the design & structure are situations of unhealthy pressures, tasks with unrealistic deadlines, situations inciting political upmanship and long moments of acute competition for success.

Added to this unhealthy cocktail of systems, the weak mind of the employees' adds critical fuel to the fire. It breaches the bar and starts to magnify, swell and enhance fears.

'Acute Workplace Anxiety' is thus an outcome. Feeling stressed , nervous , uneasy, depressed, demoralized and continuously tense are some of the prevailing dominant emotions in such a system. Certainly this cannot be conducive or enabling the positive environment that is required for success.

Here are therefore the 7 ways I think people at work could curb on overthinking and stop magnifying imaginary fears...

a. Be mindful...don't let negative thoughts linger in your mind long. Cut them. Believe you are imagining more than what there is to it.

b. Be a stoic. Focus on things within your control. Learn to ignore things that are beyond your control.

c. Indulge in self reflection. Pull strength from within to fight challenges. Albeit pull strength also from the external environment to help you fight.

d. Learn not to think too much of the rubs you may get. Forgive. Forget. Learn to rise above.

e. Negative thoughts are natural. Don't ignore them. Listen to them and thereafter outcaste and assuage them.

f. Don't let your colleagues make you lose confidence in your self by sharing often their unsolicited feedback. They may just be wrong. They may not necessarily be the best performers themselves.

g. Don't start believing in the permanance of anything. Everything is transcient. Changing. That includes things like the Managers view of you, continuance of the incompetent Manager, retention of the arrogant/ toxic Leader, exit of the okd management, take-over by new Management, delayed blooming & emergence of your potential talent etc etc.

As Seneca said .... we suffer more in imagination than in reality. Stop your fears from destroying you.

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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2023

Let not the brain get affected by anything outside... Live in the present

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