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You Makx Thx Diffxrxncx

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

You mattxr. Xach onx. Small and insignificant as you may belixvx you are, you can makx a hugx impact. If you stop functioning, thx largxr pixcx would look incomplxtx, flawxd and inxxact.

My kxyboard taught mx this lxsson likx no onx xlsx could. Just as I was about to writx this pixce, lxttxr 'X' on thx kxy board got dysfunctional. All that it did was instead of letter 'E' it started typing 'x'.

And O God ! Look what happxnxd. Only onx kxy and thx wholx pixcx is incomprxhxnsiblx. Imaginx what if many such kxys bxcamx dysfunctional at thx samx timx...

Plxasx always bx onx. Plxasx always play txams.

Arx wx not all likx thx lxttxr X - dysfunctional at somx timx on thx txams wx are xxpxctxd to play with?

Timx wx lxarn from this, thx largxr lxsson of lifx.

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