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You Take What I leave ... !

Alexander - the Great says Seneca the Greek Philosopher, went around capturing the world. In certain territories, the Kings and Princes to placate him, even before being captured, offered some lands and precious gifts to him. They thought that by doing so, it would earn them Alexander's favour and he would then not capture everything.

But how wrong were they. Their behaviour only enraged Alexander who would tell them that he had not come all the way to Asia to accept whatever they would give him of their choice but instead they were going to have to accept whatever he chose to leave them.

Wisdom is at the core and philosophy at the root of life. It helps a person know the purpose of his life. Unfortunately, we invest our time in life inversely. We allocate a Lion's share of our time in life to do business and other activities and whatever little remains thereafter, we allocate to understand the philosophies of life & wisdom which otherwise drive our life.

Indeed we let the tail wag the dog and then we sadly, complain.

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