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Your Path, You Play ...

They will call you quiet because you are

perfectly happy in silence

They will call you weak

because you avoid

conflict and drama

They will call you obsessed

for being passionate about the things you love

They will call you rude

for not indulging

in social pleasantries

They will call you weird because you choose not to conform to societal trends

They will call you lost

for not following

the route all others have

They will call you dumb

for not being

an academic

They will call you rude, they will call you lazy and at times even crazy.

They will call you, they will call you and they will call you. Their judgment will not end. Let them call you what they want . You don't have to play the part they want you to play.

Create your own part to play I this world.

(I just love Vex King... for he doesn't call me anything)

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ShrikantJahagirdar Thane
ShrikantJahagirdar Thane
Nov 19, 2023

Yes very true... Let's not become puppets


Jagannath Prasad
Jagannath Prasad
Nov 19, 2023

Your post is always thought provoking

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