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Journey of 10,000 learning friends !!!

Thank you all...accidentally realised that today I crossed the milestone of having a 'net-work' of 10,000 lovely global friends. Milestone....? a way yes, it is 1% of the friends I want to make in this lovely world.

Thank you all...I have been learning and learning and learning through out. Each one of you has in your own unique way, added a new dimension to my learning...thru animated engagement, angry disagreements, silent acknowledgments or of course through 👌,👍or even 👎. Each contribution, a unique learning opportunity for me.

So 'virtually' I bow down, in sincere gratitude, for your contributions to my learning and for being my partner on this very exciting platform.

We have together scratched only some surface gravel on the wide stretch of knowledge which has yet not been uncovered...or for that fact even that which has been excavated and found. I am excited that together we will slowly get to it.

I hope you will continue sharing your knowledge with us on this network and hope new friends will join our journey of exciting discoveries.

The purpose is simple...learning and delivering happiness in exciting times.

Thank you all

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