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Seven Sins of the King

Even your biggest boons can be squandered in greed.

A foolish King may squander his blessings either by penury of his adverse Governance or by disdain for his unacceptable Greed. Even the good people in his Kingdom who lived and loved him, after some time will shun him, thereafter begin ignoring him, then begin hating him and finally will join the enemy forces and plot his downfall.

The King prompted by his acute self-love, initially turns myopic by his ambition and subsequently gets blinded by his power. He tends only to see the end. He does not realise what slowly deteriorated and really lead to his good people rising in rebellion and leading to his ultimate fall.

But what really turns the good and loyal subjects against the King ? The Seven Sins says Kautilya... each having a potential to downscale him in public adulation and love that makes him slide from the vantage point of grace to the nadir point of hate against which they rebel. They are

👉 IGNORING THE GOOD FAVOURING THE WICKED....Rasputin and the Russian crisis

👉 DISCONTINUES GOOD TRADITIONAL PRACTICES... Aurangzebsque burning of cultural and musical festivities




👉 FAILS IN HIS KINGLY DUTIES... Jahangir who was virtually drinking his Kingdom away and his wife had to take over

👉 DOES NOT FULFILL HIS PROMISE...(you please do recall and tell me ?)

Kautilya says when the Prince is not mentored and nurtured in his growing years by wise sages who grind his wisdom and spiritual quotients, there are chances that his military coaches will fill him with aggressive temperament and martial skills which may make him a Strong and Feared king but not necessarily a Loved and a Great king. Temperance and synchronity therefore between strength and wisdom are the virtues of a Great King. A strong king LOOTS and brings riches to his land. A great king develops and brings PROSPERITY.

Looking back...looking forward. Either ways corporate world recalls super leaders who have qualities of the head and the heart. Whilst Kautilya and Chanakya may not have authored the contemporary 9×9 Managerial Grid...the authors certainly appear to have been influenced and appear to have drawn heavily from Mentors in mythology.

The times ahead may be as uncertain and complex, the above Seven Sins certainly have the potential, for sure, to ruin any enterprise of men as they deal with matters of governance and management of People in an enterprise.

Unlike olden times of Kings where citizens had no option but to rebel, Talent in Corporate Enterprises have no such barriers. They have the free choice and discretion to work or not to work for such a Leader who indulges in any of the Seven Sins. Investors and other stakeholders holders then wake up from their slumber and set aside such a leader. But by such time the empire would start it's collapse journey and then all the King's horses and all the King's men cannot put that Humpty Dumpty back again !

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