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Don't win wars but lose battles

Don't let your ego dictate your decisions. Fools have won the decisions but lost their purpose !!! Don't win wars but lose battles. Whenever you are in any decision situation , it is necessary for you to determine the 'No Go' point in your mind. Beyond this point if stretched, the rubber-band breaks. You should rather prefer to walk away and win than go on further. Thus they say one must master the art of saying 'NO'. The proverbial Q always is...does the ' No Go' point operate in situations where Love, affection, sentiments & emotions are involved ? One could argue it otherwise in such 'No Limit Zones' but I would say wise men draw limit lines there as well. May be often times they would forgive digressions and allow trespassing in emotional situations. The battered wife-abusive spouse syndrome, the spoilt child explanation are strong cases that prompt arguments in favour of drawing such lines by the wise even in emotional situations. Would be interesting to know your views, if you would like to comment on..

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