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We have never understood and thus always undermined the role of 'temperature' in our success and failure as people & professionals . We need to freeze our judgment but keep our passion & ambition always burning. We need to deep freeze our frustrations and mercurial temper but need to keep our relationships always warm . Our success and our failures are direct out comes of our ability to know the effective use of temperature in our lives Also our judgment of knowing what needs to be on a high temperature and what on a slow burn..what needs to be kept on a continuous slow boil (like lifelong learning)and what needs to be preserved in the deep freeze for long-term and short- term use like your values). We fail when our judgment fails ..we keep boiling things like frustrations, vengence and anger which needs to be frozen or disposed and keep deep freezing things like our ambition, potentials and hidden skills which need to be ever on boil till they are cooked and ready for action.

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