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Spiritual Transformer

Our inner 'Spiritual Transformer' has always to be kept clean and shinning. That's the only way to always be happy..and 'happiness' is the purpose of life. By very design, human beings are motivated to migrate towards happiness and flee from unhappiness. Your 'Value Systems' determine what makes you 'Happy' and what 'Unhappy'. The VUCA environment constantly bombards us with challenging situations that have potential to disturb us. We face situations of indecisiveness, stress, confusing choices, counter pressures etc. Each having potential to make us unhappy. When our 'Spiritual Transformer' is clean & shinning, it breaks down and converts all such negative inputs into Positive outcomes. Thus one becomes happy and further spreads happiness to others in the world as well. It is thus necessary for Corporates to provide clear definitions of 'happiness' in its specific cultural context and develop an eco-system within that engages its Peoole for 'Happiness'. Rightly it is said that happiness is not absence of sadness. It's an outcome of different emotions.

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