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Let AIDA be your Guru Mantra

For the uninitiated, AIDA stands for 'Attention-Interest-Desire-Action'..the four steps which guide the seller of products & services to convert potential enquiry into actual sales .The convincing universality of this acronym is such that actually one could use it to persuade & influence action in any domain where it needs to be applied.

However, the biggest unsolved mystery of times has been..'Who invented the acronym AIDA ?' Was it Russell..Kotler..Lewis or Kellog ? No idea - who AIDA ! But why bother. All (including Detective Holmes) had to fail to solve this mystery !!!!They missed it wholesale for they were searching the wrong world. 'Nature' is the silent originator of AIDA using it to convert its non-believers into believers. Nature first Attracts attention by its sheer beauty..evinces Interest by revealing itself thru' unparallel experiences..leading people thru curiosity & Desire to learn more about it..and in the process become its ardent believers. Some wise man only cracked the code and interpretted nature's influencing style & abbreviated it for convenient commercial application...thus AIDA. In a world where 'Influencing' skills of leaders determine the difference between their success and failure, let AIDA be your guru mantra !

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