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Design Thinking and Quantum Leadership, the future of effective Leadership

What follows the adverse and abnormal VUCA reality is a period of exponential growth. Neither the VUCA times nor the following period of exponential market growth that heralds the new paradigm, follow or observe any known patterns of behaviours, systems or leadership. It seeks different and new style in leadership.

I am a big believer of the idea that marginal enhancements in the style and efficiency of leadership will not be able to sustain itself in the new paradigm. It calls for what thinkers call - Quantum Leadership. It is in a way similar to what we studied in Quantum Physics.

The laws of nature that govern quantum physics and Quantum Leadership differ from those that regulate classical physics and classical management ( in terms of its prescribed systems, processes and style). When you require someone to do something because of prescribed rules - what you do is labelled as classical. When you however expect to move your consciousness as well as that of others to take initiatives in the zone of leadership to manage the new and the unprecedented reality, what you get as a result of that is Quantum Reality of Leadership !!!

Classical leaders either transform themselves into Quantum Leaders or they slip down into the obscurity and silence of the graveyard of their careers.

For a classical leader to transition and lead in the post turbulent times, requires the Quantum Leader to be guided by four guiding norms...its called Quantum 'IADI'.

  • Leadership Intention

  • Leadership Attention

  • Leadership Discrimination

  • Leadership Initiatives

Leadership begins with conscious Intention which represents the innermost core of the leaders purpose, values, desires and motivation. Collectively, this garners the energy required to manage any change effort. Rightly said Charles de Gaulle ..."nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so !". It represents desire of the leader to enter the arena of vulnerabilities and risk in new times and inspire others to follow him to action. Remember MALIA...? Most Aspirational Leaders Inspire Action. Quantum leaders have that intention to lead and inspire action.

Leadership Attention. Quantum Paradigm operates on an assumption that consciousness illuminates and thus creates reality. People tend to gravitate towards what they tend to focus on. Quantum Leaders channelise their consciousness to what is relevant, fully in the direction of the problems and possibilities in the new paradigm.

Leadership Discrimination. Quantum Leaders have the distinct ability to read the dynamic environment, evaluate the list of alternatives and thereafter discriminate between options available in the unchartered reality to chalk-out a path that what will be new, innovative and would make a cutting edge difference in the new paradigm. Thus Design Thinking naturally become the aspirational tool and method of the quantum leaders.

Leadership Initiatives. Quantum leaders are action heroes of new times. They quickly exhort the phantom of old action and work on innovative patterns for new action. Zoroastrian faith therefore fosters the need for Good Thoughts , Good Words and Good Deeds ! What good are good thoughts and Good Words if they do not stretch out into good actions. Quantum leaders are captains mandated to navigate their Ships through turbulent seas to new safe shores. Whilst having a correct navigating plan is very necessary to reach safe shores, it has no value if subsequently discovered on a sunk ship ! Quantum leaders drive concrete actions.

Quantum Leaders are not different men. They are ordinary men who have the inner fire to look at future differently and chalk their way out to new shores.

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