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The Band Plays First....The Leader Eats Last

Each leader has his own predominant style of working. No one style is all time best. Depending on the nature of challenge to the purpose, resources available, level of maturity of the team etc, a suitable leadership style needs to be adopted.

However, irrespective of the style adopted, charter of leadership as perceived by his followers actually determines the emotional connect that he would enjoy with his followers . Stronger the emotional bond, stronger the binding and thus greater the willingness of the team to walk the firewalls at the call of the leader !

There are some leaders who reflect the 'Band Master' characteristics....full of sound & fury and all that jazz , upfront. Amusing and Entertaining but only one-way! You got to listen to them. There are other leaders who are quiet. Characteristically, they are supportive. They listen to their followers and focus on protecting their teams...they are the type of leaders who eat last.

By leader eating last is meant one who provides and protects for his people first. Before taking care of his own needs. In a world that is uncertain and ambiguous, everyone feels insecure. The followers are are the leaders. Effective leaders are those whose character is such that they first provide security and safety to others before they think and work towards providing for their own safety and security.

How would you react to a leader who would give the first parachute to you...? No doubt such leaders connect and get strong following from their teams who are ready to walk thru the fire-walls for them !!! When they say 'jump, the followers never ask 'why ?'. They only ask -

'how high !!!'

Thus loyalty in real time is built around leaders and not around the purpose. Organisations need to focus on getting such passionate leaders to work for them....those who eat last !

Used to wonder why mom at home, eat last ?Now I understand.

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