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Comfort Zones are short-cuts to Grave-yards

On the bridge over troubled waters , we are sure to reach a point where the way-forward would mean taking a leap of fate. To feel vulnerable at this junction is rather natural as one evaluates the option of moving from a region of approval and safety into a zone of risk where there is a chance to fail and fall.

There are two options one has...

Be Agile or Be Fragile.

Those who are agile want to succeed and take the leap with an open option. They do not mind if they get hurt in the process. Those who are fragile want to succeed too. But they unfortunately keep waiting eternally and hoping for some illusionary luxary-liner to arrive and ferry them safely across troubled waters into the zone of success !!!

No doubt they say, fortune favours the brave. Fear can drive you only to the grave !!!

Careers are not much different. It is only when one ventures to move out to learn new skills, gain knowledge in new fields, move on from working under patronising bosses to new teams and departments under seemingly demanding Managers, be willing to pack-bags and work in rough regions and tough terrains that one actually learns and becomes future ready as a versatile Executive for succession and leadership.

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