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  • Adil Malia

The Vital Difference

You cannot upon winning say it was your 'killer instinct' and upon losing the same say you played for the 'spirit of the game' !!! Before you begin, you need to upfront decide - are you playing to passionately win or playing for the spirit of the game.

The score-card you develop and the metrics you track all then become a part of that journey defined by self determination of the purpose you began with.

The passion, energy, vibe and strive all changes once the score-card changes and the winning score-card is far different from the playing score card. It is your it is tuned to do the activity that you set your performance standards.Victory is defined by self -determining the purpose each time you do a task

Generally people do things for 4 reasons :

1.Because they love doing it

2. Because the Society & World around them expects them to do it

3. Because they are good at doing it and it gets them social recognition

4. Because they get paid for it and that's how they create value for themselves.

Based on self-determination of this, the purpose emerges & score cards get defined. The supply-chain department of your system then plans the flow of passion, energy & determination that is required.

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