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A chance for us all to help

Let us help a Querist

We have a Query point where people shed their confusion and seek sharing of thoughts. The latest from a follower in Chandigarh. Can you please help me advise Shruti (name changed)


Q. Dear in a peculiar situation...a catch 22 situation. My Manager had a scrap in our office with a colleague. For some strange reasons, though my colleague is otherwise good with all of us, these two forever seem to be 'locked horns'. The next day after the two of them had the last open scrap, my boss called me and asked me (seemed more like instructions ) to write and formally complain about that colleague. 'Coffee Point' has it that he had asked most of his team members to make similar complaints. Some may comply and some may avoid. This guy has never harmed me in anyways. Please help me. Ofcourse, I do not wish to displease my boss....need this job badly. Have an old mother and a single parent to two young kids in primary school. Am so confused. Please advise.

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