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Managerial Inability to Handle Conflicts - a serious deficiency to Excellence

Managerial Inability to Handle Conflicts

Most managers find them ill-equipped to manage the strain of serious conflicts within their teams. Conflicts are inevitable in a work context but sometimes they become damaging to the purpose of the team. The leader needs to step in. But often one finds some leaders conniving. In their minds they believe that to resolve a conflict means siding with one at the cost of the other. Doing this would erode their power base. Hence they ignore the situation and become conflict barrerr averse or rather conflict adverse.

Effective leaders are clued in to the going-ons in their teams. They know which conflicts would hamper the collective purpose and thus need his intervention. They are also wise to know that not all conflicts need to be interfered in. Some best be left to their own resolution. This is Mature Confidence & Seasoned Judgment blended into one.

Never should the leader make the blunder of artificially patching-up a critical conflict by burying it under ground &watering withering peace plants over it. The simmering conflicts will grow into a raging fire & get out of control...totally destroying the team purpose. Only if such would have been handled better by leader in time..

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