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Success is an Outcome of Sustained Advancing Competitive Intensity!!

It has personally been my belief that knowledge, technology and tools available in a competitive environment will at some point of time be equal. Some early and some later but these elements equate out. In that situation, quest for success is a direct outcome of ones Sustained Intensity to Advance Competitively. Infact, the burning fire to succeed within will triggers that desire to innovate &search for the cutting-edge tools & technology if the situation was unfairly, uneven. Your inner SACI maketh the difference-Sustained Advancing Competitive Intensity. 4 things to ever bear in mind... 👉 It should be sustained not just a momentary out-burst. Cannot be on now- off now ! 👉 Cannot give up after winning the first 100 mtrs race. The next 200 has to be won ...and the next 300... and the next.. 👉Competitive environment has competitors who also want to win. You should not give up when you see new competitor running faster than you. Keep adding to new knowledge and skills. 👉 The intensity grows deeper and deeper at each stage Keep the inner flame that fires your SACI always burning. That is where your quest for success begins....and remember the quest for success never ends !!! 

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