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Releasing value trapped through creative Innovation

'Originality' is about creative confidence. If you view the world thru the lenses of spirituality, the purpose of innovative originality is to be able to reach out to as many people as possible and expose them to an eco-system that facilitates the flow of their creative passions. This would help individuals and organisations not only to unleash their full potential but also build-up their own creative confidence thru which value can be created. This spiritual journey cannot be given a set-back merely because there is a high chance that original ideas will get, sooner or later, copied. Great original innovative ideas will always get copied but for that the very quest for creative original ideas cannot be blocked or put to a set-back. Each one of us has some element of latent or patent creativity hidden in us. We need to discover and then excavate that hidden asset and release its potential either thru self introspection or thru supportive mentoring. And that should not get halted merely because upon discovery it can be easily imitated. Innovation is about releasing the value trapped in the value-chain thru creative innovaton. 

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