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A Happy Sunday for all

Each one of us has episodes to narrate of our experiences with horrible leadership. For a nice and an enjoyable Sunday, let us share funny experiences we have had with our names please. Like I recall a certain Ms. Dokhme (name changed) who lost her mother. On her first day of return to office I called her to commiserate. She came and she cried and wailed and wailed and wailed.....understandably. When she then got up to leave, I offered her my hand in consolation out of courtesy, I told her that she could seek help and ask for anything that she ever needed. I was aghast when from my table she picked up my Mont Blonc pen and asked if she could please take it. I was totally dumb-struck and I said " ... hmmm ok...sure...go ahead...yeah" !!!! Never do I now have any costly arte-facts on my table atleast during commiseration moments (lol) Share your funny experiences...would make for happy Sunday moments... 

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