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PROACTIVITY..don't be backwards in coming forwards

When the familiar situation changes and casts a shadow of uncertainty on everything that prevails , people find themselves indulging in a variety of ways to cope with the confusion. Some run helter-skelter , some seek guidance from others who seem to know, some seek devine blessings and prefer to repent for their past life 'karmas'..some indulge in celestial trackking. Some are cool, prefer to relax at the coffee bar..let others find and then just follow that path. Some others prefer rest as confusion tires them by adding to their anxiety. Thats when Proactivity matters. 'Proactive Drive to Succeed' and an undying committment to the purpose at all times, leads to infusion of unending energy. This fuels tenacity, resilience and self-motivation to keep seeking and achieving the goals despite confusing times. People who have high 'PDS' - (Proactive Drive to Succeed) somehow find their direction even amidst chaos. This competence differentiates & makes for future success. Those who are 'HAWS' (Hoping Analysing but Waiting & Sitting) in the changed context, find themselves always behind the 'Statue Of The Stoic Observer' never advancing but always confused and waiting for directions from somewhere. 

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