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Leadership may have to behave badly to do good

Sometimes Leadership has to behave badly to do good !! This should come as a shocker to some of you...moreso those who know me. But there is a context to it. Whilst management literature has rightly sanctified & vehemently prescribed the 'good man' model of leadership,there are occassions that a wise leader may have to do bad things to get good results. In measured dosages, in a controlled environment & with defined outcomes. Its like Radiation which cures cancers in controlled measures..beyond which it can actually be dangerous ! The very science of 'Surgery' works on an assumption that to cure diseases you need to first cut the patient up but certainly and only after all non-invasive cures have failed. Leadership to that extent is not different. Leading transformation, driving change, winning in hyper Competitive markets with...all this requires exhibition of certain behaviours &qualities which might sound repulsive when measured with the 'good-man' model. Machiavelli says in a world where so many are not good, Prince must not be idealistic. He goes further to say that virtues taught in schools are the very virtues a Prince may have to situationally violate,to protect the same institutions ! Leadership may have to behave badly to do good ! 

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