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To Win, You Capture The Enemy Within !!!

Winners master the art of combating self defeating attitudes. If your inner voice has become toxic, it is time for serious soul searching to challenge this negativity and cleanse your thinking and inner feelings. Winner is one who captures the enemy within. This enemy within undermines our self-confidence and road-blocks our progress. It tells us things like we have no stamina to run the marathon...our voice is not good enough to sing...we do not have great thoughts to get up and speak before an audience...our colleagues are better than us or our ability to understand complex calculations is limited. It therefore does two things: ☝️Negatively constructs our self belief about our capabilities ✌Negatively prompts our frame of reference . You always tend to believe that the tough boss favours Sally, Angels do not like you, you can never win lotteries..your answer to your Boss' question was wrong ...etc. It is all in the mind. Social Cognitive Theorists tell us that there are 3 things that make our thoughts toxic. Thus suggesting that we channelise our energies positively to filter them 😎Personal factors (how we are and how we think) 😎Behavioural Factors (what we prefer to do and the choices we make) 😎😎😎Environmental Factors (impact of controllable and non-controllable external factors). My experience based recommendations to you to emerge a winner in your self battle... 1. Do not make odious comparisons. You are on your own journey as Ram is on his so what if you went to same nursery school 2. Accept your foibles and flaws. You are a human being and thus vulnerable. Do not brood. 3. Let your actions first meet your own approval and then seek acknowledgments from others. Lessons in Positive Psychology prompts us to learn 'self-efficacy' so that we build faith in our capabilities by... 🤗 Gaining positive to overcome hurdles and win over them. This will build the much desirable skills 🤗 Indulge in Social Modelling..observe others who know how to get over those hurdles and imitate them 🤗 Get Social Feedback..this will help you to persuade yourself to become more effecient in areas of yr shortcomings as observed by relevant others. 🤗 Build modifiable self belief. One can change goals, tactics, style and tools anytime that one perceives such a need.A failing start does not necessarily mean a failing end. Learn to be a winner, challenge these negative thoughts and remove their sting. 

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