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Learn to go Mad Over Doughnuts...

Promise you this is no advert for the doughnut Company - 'Mad Over Doughnuts'...I thought it captures the quintessence of this theme best and thus the title - MOD. We get so carried away by negativity that we end up losing winning battles . We actually keep looking side-ways to guage the pace of the runner in the next track at the cost of losing your own race ! We become vulnerable to 'Cognitive Distortions' triggered by our negative thoughts and thus end up slipping steep ravines with momentary speed when suspicion and negative thoughts hit us. Think your way to success. Be optimistic. Be positive. Focus on your thirst and the water in the glass and you will never worry - half full or half empty ! Just learn to ignore the hole ...devour and go 'Mad Over Doughnuts...' 

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