• Adil Malia

The Plight & Pitfalls in being Perfect

To be successful, you need to set perfect standards. No debates. However, if one becomes obsessive & lets such perfect standards scare you then such end-up becoming more of a set-back than a booster. Perfectionism when it reaches obsession, becomes yr testamentary disposition for worry & inaction. The perfect is the enemy of the good...said Voltaire, the philosopher. Good to Great is a +ve transition. But don't not be Good merely because you aim to be only Great. You just can't be worried all the time, trying to get all the things perfect and then worrying your head off, if it isn't. Being ruled by fear of making mistakes, the perfectionist analyses to death & ends up being unable to choose strategy from options available, in situations of adversity and stress. Thus analysis , paralysis ! Perfectionism is a high virtue but drawing a realistic line is necessary. Avoid the pitfalls and perils of perfectionsm is the message. This is different than a defeatist posturing and I hope you realise the difference. My Obituary to a Perfectionist would read... 'On the sands of hesitation, lay the bones of the millions who at the dawn of action wanted to be perfect And thus sat down to choose and analysing they died !' 

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