• Adil Malia

Radical Acceptance

Life is to be enjoyed around its inequalities, inadequacies, unfair conditions & adverse circumstances..factors uncontrolable by you. Yet we have to be swimming along the fast moving currents of the unfair ocean, for survival & for success. Whilst you may be swimming, the other participants in the same race may come in with their Power Boats ! 'Radical Acceptance' of this imbalance is the Step 1. Unless you do that, you will forever be in the Zen is fluid & you are grasping for something solid to hold in the river ! Don't Step 2. Pity is an overcrowded one-way spiral that only slides down. Don't accept the reality as permanent but accept and acknowledge it the way it is now. We are all born with our confidence and we continue to fare well until we take a world view. Suddenly, the same set of situations that we earlier thrived get now labelled as - unfair, inequal, adverse & unfavourable. The wonderful paradox in the unfair life-chain of comparisons is - ' the others are always privileged'...( but you could be those others for the others below). Rather that developing a sense of Inferiority or Superiority around circumstances, develop 'Interiority' - the strengthen yr inner character to emerge a winner. Careers not different.. 

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